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How do I use Classroom?
How do I use Classroom?
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The Live analysis board is now Classroom! Classroom has many more features and functionality than live. Here's how to use it!

Watch National Master Sam Copeland explain in this video:

Or, read on below!

From the left menu, hover over 'Learn' then click 'Classroom'

This will bring you to Classroom! You can create a room, or if your coach already created one, enter the room ID to join:

Once you create a room or join a room, your view will be different depending on if you have joined, or are the room creator.

When you create a room, you will see these options:

You can use the controls on the top menu bar to mute or unmute yourself, and to turn video on and off. Once students have joined, you will see them in the participants tab.

To start your class, you can simply play moves on the board and all the participants will see them, or you can set up a position, load a FEN or PGN, load games from your library or archive.

You can even import games from the explorer!

To do so, click on 'load from explorer' then start playing moves:

You'll see a list of master games in which those moves were played, at the bottom of the screen.

When you see the game or games you want, click on the check box and click Add!

You can also import a study you've saved by inputting the URL! Simply click on 'import study' and paste the URL of your study.

To load from your library or archive, simply find the game or games, check on the boxes of the game or games you want to add, then click add games!

Use the dropdowns to search for specific games.

Once the games are added, you can play through them for your audience:

Click on the game you want to view. You can see which game is currently open by the binoculars icon. From this menu you can also add more games, or save the games to a collection.

Click on the settings icon to change the settings of the Classroom:

You can enable or disable the computer evaluation, computer lines, or notation.

If you enable the 'only coach' setting, then the other settings will only apply to your (the coach's) screen. For example if 'only coach' is on, and 'Evaluation' is on, then the evaluation bar will be visible only for the coach.

Participants tab

Here you can add students by direct invite (+add button) or share a direct link to the classroom. If 'Open Enrollment' is turned on, anyone with the room ID or URL can join. If it is off, then you must invite students with +Add.

You can also interact with individual students in the Participants tab.

You can click on a member's video or audio to disable it. Or click on the three dots menu icon for more options.

Start a game against a student as White or Black by clicking Play as White/Black. You can give the student full control to move pieces on the board and create lines, or kick them out of the classroom. 'Load Games' will give the student permission to add games to the classroom for review.

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