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What is Insights?
What is Insights?
Updated over a week ago Insights is a new feature for Diamond members that looks at all your games and gives you insights on what it finds in the data! Be it your wins and losses, hanging pieces, accuracy, or even what time of day you win the most, we've got all the data for you right here!

Hover over 'Learn' and click on 'Insights!' If it's the first time you've used Insights, you'll see a pop up. Click 'Let's Go!' and servers will begin analyzing your games!

You can safely leave this page, and as soon as your insights are done, you'll see a notification to come take a look!


To view your insights, first choose a type, time class, and date range of the games you want to see:

Then, your insights will be populated based on those parameters.

NOTE: In order for insights to track a game, it must meet some requirements:

  • The game ply count is at least 10 (5 complete moves)

  • It is regular chess (no chess960 or other variants)

  • The game was not aborted

  • The game was not played against a computer

  • The game was played by at least one user with insights enabled

In the Overview section, you can view your Games Played over time, your Average Accuracy over time, your Accuracy by Move Number, and your Results by Opponent Rating.

Some sections will have other tabs, where you can see further info about the stat.

Here you can click on 'Similar Players' to see your stats compared against the stats of similar players of your rating. Or, you can click 'Past Performance' to see your stats compared against your stats of an earlier time. For example, if you had chosen a 30 day range in your insights, then Past Performance would compare those 30 days of stats against your previous 30 days of stats.

In the Game Shapes section, you can see your Games per Game Shape, your Results by Game Shape, and your Accuracy by Game Shape.

The games 'Shape' is determined by how the game was played. This is the shape of the graph in the Game Review Analysis.

For example, a 'Giveaway' game shape happens when one player was winning, then suddenly lost. Hover over each game shape in the wheel graph to see a brief description of the shape.

In the Game Phases section, you can see your percentage of games that ended in different phases, your accuracy per game phase, and the results of your games that ended in different phases.

In the Tactics section, you can see your statistics on Found vs Missed Forks, Found vs Missed Pins, Found vs Missed Mates, and pieces you left hanging, and pieces your opponent left hanging!

Click on the game board icon in any of these sections to see a dropdown of your most recent positions for each category:

In the above image, after clicking on the game board icon for the Mate in 1 stat, and clicking on the 'Missed' tab, you can see several examples of games where you missed Mate in 1. Click on the game to review the position and try to find the right move!

In the Move Quality section, you can see your percentage of brilliant, best moves, great moves, and so on, and also see your move quality as it changes over time.

In the Pieces section you can see how often you move each piece, and your accuracy with those pieces.

in the Castling section, you can see the number of games where you castle in the opening, middlegame, endgame, or don't castle at all. You can also see your game results for each section. (How many times do you win when you don't castle? for example)

In the Calendar section you can see games played by time of day, accuracy by time of day, and results by time of day. You can also see games, accuracy, and results by the day of the week.

These stats are based on the time zone you have set in your profile settings.

Finally, in the Geography section you can see a map highlighting all the countries you've played opponents from. Hover over each country to see how many players you've faced from that country!

You can also view this in list form.

NOTE: Your Insights are visible to all members by default, anyone can look at your profile and see them. If you want to change this, you can go to your privacy settings, and set your Insights to be visible only to you:

Have fun exploring your insights and finding your strengths and areas to improve!

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