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Welcome to!
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We're glad you're here! We hope you'll enjoy taking a look through this article at all the things you can do on!

See this introduction video, or read on below!

The main options you'll want to start with are right at the top of your home screen, by default! Which one you click depends on what you're here for!

Read on to see what you can do on!


Want to jump right into some games? Just click the 'New Game' icon at the top of your home page:

From there, you can choose a few options, and then be matched instantly with another player of your same experience level. You can be in a chess game in a matter of seconds, just click play!


If you're not in the mood for a game against another person, try practicing against one of our many computer personalities by clicking on the 'vs Computer' icon at the top of your home page:

Choose from a wide variety of computer strengths. Take back your mistakes, get advice on each move, or play challenge mode with no help to see how many bots you can beat!

You can also practice your tactics by solving puzzles! Just click the 'Puzzles' button at the top of your screen to get started:

From here you can boost your skills by solving puzzles. Do a rated puzzle challenge, or practice a specific theme. You can also try out Puzzle Rush or Puzzle Battle!


Here to learn? Whether you need to master the basics of the game or are ready to study advanced concepts, we've got what you need! Just click on the 'Lessons' button at the top of your home page:

From here you'll be able to follow our lesson guide which will take you from the basics of how the pieces move, all the way to mastering positional and strategic concepts! Or, you can simply search for a topic you want to learn about!

Make friends

Half the fun of any game is the people you play it with! has a great community full of people you can chat with, play with, and whose content you can enjoy!

Try out the forums, find a subject that interests you, and start posting!

Watch ChessTV, see who is streaming, and join in on the conversation as you watch the pros play!

Create your own blog to share your thoughts and experiences with the community!

A wide world of chess is waiting for you, on!

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