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What is Puzzle Battle?
What is Puzzle Battle?
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Puzzle Battle is just like Puzzle Rush, except against another player!

When you start Puzzle Battle, you'll be paired with someone of a similar Puzzle Battle rating to you. Your Puzzle Battle rating is separate from any of your other ratings.

Once you are matched, each player will have 3 minutes to complete as many puzzles as possible without getting 3 wrong.

You will see the other player's score alongside yours. If one player gets 3 wrong, the time will keep going on so the other player can keep adding to their score.

At the end of the 3 minutes, or after both players have gotten 3 wrong, the player with the most correct puzzles wins!

If there is a tie when the time runs out, then the player with fewer wrong answers (x's) will win.

Season Points

Players will receive season points for each match, whether they win or lose. The leaderboard for season points is reset every month. See how high on the leaderboard you can get each month!

The leaderboard can be sorted by points, or rating. By global or friends. And by season, daily, or hourly.

Season Points are scored as follows:

If you lose: you get one season point per correct puzzle

If you draw: you get one season point per correct puzzle

If it's your first win in a row: you get one season point per correct puzzle

If its your second win in a row: you get 2 season points per correct puzzle

If its your third win in a row: you get 3 season points per correct puzzle

And so on! If you are on your 20th win in a row, you'll get 20 points for each correct puzzle! This is how some players can rack up tens of thousands of points in a single day!

Try Puzzle Battle today and start racking up those season points!

Puzzle battle is available to membership levels as follows:

  • Basic Membership = 1 Battles / day

  • Gold Membership = 5 Battles / day

  • Platinum & Diamond Memberships = Unlimited Battles!

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