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How do Puzzles work?
How do Puzzles work?
Updated over a week ago

There are multiple ways you can do puzzles on! Puzzles are a great way to improve your rating through practice and pattern recognition.

To go to Puzzles you can click the icon on your home screen or the Puzzles option in the left-hand menu.

The amount of puzzles you can do depends on your membership type:

Membership type

Puzzles per day


3 puzzles per day, plus one Puzzle Rush and one Battle each day.


Unlimited puzzles, Puzzle Rush, and Puzzle Battle!

Rated Puzzles

Playing these puzzles will give you a puzzle rating similar to a chess rating. Your rating increases when you solve a puzzle correctly and decreases when you don't. The change in your rating depends on how quickly you complete the puzzle and the puzzle's rating compared to yours.

After completing a puzzle, you can view your stats on the right side of the screen.

The graph shows your progress for the current session - if you close or refresh the tab this will reset.

You can also see:

  • Puzzle Rating: If the puzzle rating is lower than your puzzle rating you will earn fewer points. If it’s higher, you will earn more

  • Target Time: This is the suggested time to complete the puzzle, based on your current puzzle rating

  • Speed Bonus: This is awarded based on how close you get to the target time

  • Pass Rate: This shows how often users successfully solve the puzzle

  • Attempts: This is the total number of times the puzzle has been played by all users

  • Themes: These are the categories the puzzle is tagged with

Rated puzzles are a great learning tool, but keep in mind that your puzzle rating may not accurately reflect your chess rating.

Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Rush is a fast-paced, exciting way to learn tactics! In Puzzle Rush, you have either 3 or 5 minutes to solve as many puzzles as you can. However, the game ends if you get three puzzles wrong, regardless of the time left.

Your puzzle rating won’t be affected by your performance in Puzzle Rush, so aim for that high score without worrying!

You can also try Survival mode, where there's no time limit. Keep going as long as you can without getting three puzzles wrong!

When you complete a puzzle rush, you’ll see your stats and how that round compares to your past scores.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll also see a list of all the puzzles you went through. You can click on any one of the puzzles to open it in a separate window where you can take a closer look, or try to solve it again if you got it wrong.

When you enter Puzzle Rush, you can see your top score and your position on the leaderboard on the right side of the screen. Click on Friends to see how you rank among your friends and Personal to see a list of your personal best scores. Your best score will also be displayed on your profile along with your chess and tactics ratings. Practice puzzles every day to improve your score!

Puzzle Battle

Puzzle battle is a 3-minute puzzle rush, but played against another player! See who can get the most right in 3 minutes!

Check out this article to learn more about Puzzle Battle: What is Puzzle Battle?

Daily Puzzle

This will take you to the forum post for the Daily Puzzle. Have fun solving the puzzle and discussing it with the community in the forum!

Check out this article to learn more about Daily Puzzles: How do I find the Daily Puzzle?


In Custom mode, formerly known as Learning mode, you can select the themes and rating range of the puzzles you practice. There is no time pressure and no impact on your rating—just pure learning!

The right side of the screen lets you choose an area to focus on and shows the percentage of problem types you have solved correctly. These statistics are based on your rated puzzle scores.

Select the themes you want to practice by checking the corresponding boxes. You will then be presented with puzzles tagged with those themes.

Additionally, you can opt to include all puzzles or only those you have previously failed and set a specific rating range.

Check out this article on the main site to read more about some of the many possible themes and types of tactics: Chess Tactics | 38 Definitions and Examples

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