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How can I view the tablebase on
How can I view the tablebase on
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The tablebase is available in analysis whenever there are 7 or fewer pieces on the board!

When you are looking at game review or analysis, and the position on the board reaches 7 pieces, the tablebase tab will appear:

Click on the tablebase tab to see all possible moves in the current position, and whether they lead to a win, loss, or draw (with optimal play)

In the above example, there is no winning move for White, but there are a couple moves that lead to a loss--assuming Black knows the correct response.

You can make moves on the board while viewing the tablebase, or you can click on moves from the list to see them played on the board.

If white makes a move, then the tablebase will update to show for Black's move:

In the same example game, the position after White's move shows that Black also has no winning moves, but has many moves that lead to a loss. Black will have to play much more carefully than white in this position.

If Black were to make a wrong move (a move from the 'loss' list) then we can see the result change to a win for White:

White now has a path to victory! The winning move is listed under 'Win' and all other moves will lead to a draw or loss.

Take a look at the tablebase in your analysis, whenever you have 7 or fewer pieces on the board!

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