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How can I see my opening stats?
How can I see my opening stats?
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You can now see statistics on what openings you use most often (and whether you win with them) on your stats page! Find out what openings you win with, and what moves get you into trouble, all at a glance.

First, go to your stats page by hovering over the Logo and then clicking 'Stats'

From your stats page, look at the stats menu on the right side of the screen:

This shows all the different stats you can look at. Click on 'Openings' at the bottom of the list.

This will show your openings across all game types, and the percentage won, lost or drawn. In the above example, this player has played e4 in 707 of their 999 games as white. They won 55% of the time, lost 42% and got a draw 3% of the time.

NOTE: Only standard chess is tracked in your opening stats! You will not see any chess960 games or other variants. Games with fewer than 10 moves are also not tracked.

By default, 'all' is selected, so you will see openings for all your Daily, Rapid, Blitz, and Bullet games at once. If you want to view specific game types, click on the dropdown to change the setting:

You can also choose to see All time games, or games from the past 1 year, 90 days, 30 days, or the past week only:

Click on 'Black' to view the games where you played as black.

You can also expand each line to see how you responded to your opponent's move for the first two moves. For example, after clicking on the e4 example in the above image, we see this:

This player's opponents responded to e4 with e5 324 times out of 707 games where e4 was played. This player then responded to e5 with nf3 320 times, and their opponent responded to nf3 with nc6 180 times... and so on, all with win percentages displayed. The position will update on the mini-board as you click along.

If you want a deeper dive into the moves you've played, you can select 'My games' in the game explorer.

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