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How can I reset my Lessons progress?
How can I reset my Lessons progress?
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Lessons progress is shown by marking which ones you've completed, and showing a progression through levels. For example, this lesson is completed:

Your lesson sections (New to chess, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) will also show a percentage total completion, as well as individual lesson sections:

If you've been away from for a while and want to start fresh on your progress, or maybe you have completed all the lessons and want to start over, there is an easy way to clear your progress in Lessons or Drills!

Or click on the Settings Gear icon in the lower left of any page on, then choose 'lessons' from the menu on the left.

There you will see the option to reset your lessons progress:

Once training is reset, your lessons page will show as if you are a new member with no progress. This will NOT affect what access you have to any Lessons based on your membership. All this will do is clear which Lessons are marked as complete.


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