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What are the rules for titled player accounts?
What are the rules for titled player accounts?
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Once your titled account has been approved, there are a few restrictions and rules to be aware of:

Public accounts

  • Titled players are permitted to have one public account.

  • Your full, legal name must be visible in the profile of your public account.

  • You must use your public account to play in official and prize money events on

Anonymous accounts

  • Titled players are permitted to have one anonymous account.

  • Use your anonymous account for private training purposes. Do not reveal your name or play in any official events with this account - you risk the chance of being forfeited.

  • All social features are disabled on anonymous accounts to prevent them from displaying on the leaderboards. We are looking to separate these functions so that anonymous accounts can chat, and we apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

General rules

  • If you only have one account, you are welcome to register another at your convenience to be used as a public or anonymous account (depending on which you already have). Once you’ve signed up (or if you have a public/anonymous account already but aren’t titled on it) use the Titled Player Identification Form to request that your title and lifetime diamond membership be added to that account as well.

  • Other than to set up a public or anonymous account, please do not register any other accounts without prior approval.

  • Name editing is disabled on all titled player account profiles, to ensure that identification rules are adhered to. If you would like to edit the name on your profile, feel free to contact the team via email at and we would be happy to update this on your behalf!

  • You are only allowed two accounts: one public account, one anonymous account.

    • *A third account for streaming purposes (speed runs) is permitted, BUT may only be made available upon request

If you’re a titled player and you’d like to get your title added to your profile, we would suggest following this guide: How do I get my title added to my profile?

If you have any further questions, we would welcome you to contact the team directly via email at Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support team here.

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