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How do I post a new forum topic?
How do I post a new forum topic?
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To create a new forum topic of your own, first navigate to the forums by hovering your mouse over 'Social' in the left menu, and clicking on 'Forums':

On the right side of your screen, on the forums menu, click on 'New Topic' to create your own forums thread:

This will open up the new topic menu, where you can write your new post:

Choose a name for your topic that clearly describes what you want to discuss. Be sure to stick to our community policies!

Click on the dropdown where it says 'General Chess Discussion' to see the whole list of forum areas. Choose the one that best matches your topic, so you can get the right audience!:

When your post is all typed up and ready to go, click 'Post' to share it with the world!

You can always find all your forum topics by clicking on 'My Topics' in the menu pictured above.

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