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How do I post a forum topic in my club?
How do I post a forum topic in my club?
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Each club has its own special forum area just for the club, only visible to club members! To post there, first, navigate to your club's home page by hovering your mouse over 'Social' and clicking on 'Clubs'

Here you will see 'My Clubs' and a list of all the clubs you are in! Click on the club you want to make a forum post in, and you will be brought to the club's home page.

On the club menu on the right side, click 'Forum':

This will take you to that club's forum! You can read posts made by members of the club there, only visible to other members of the club.

To post your own topic, click on 'New Topic' at the top of the page:

The next menu is the new topic menu:

Choose a topic name that clearly describes what you want to discuss. Select from the dropdown what language you are writing in, then, write your post!

When your post is all typed up and ready to go, click 'Post' to share it with the other club members!

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