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Game Review Redesign
Game Review Redesign

Learn more about how we've made Game Review more accessible and intuitive.

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We've revamped Game Review to enhance your experience. This article will guide you through the exciting new update!

Clicking on Game Review will still provide a detailed analysis of your recent game. Now, it includes a Highlights page to separate the game overview from the move-by-move breakdown.


Old version

New version

  • Both interfaces show the players' accuracy scores and Evaluation Graph. The redesigned version organizes this information more clearly, making it easier to read. It also integrates the Coach's game summary better within the player info section, giving it a cleaner look.

  • You'll also notice the Move Classifications are now more prominent and easier to read. Click on the arrow pointing down to display all the move classifications in the game:

Each of your moves falls into one of these categories:


The best move - and tricky to find too!


A move that altered the course of the game!


The chess engine's top choice.


Almost as good as the Best move.


A decent move but not the best.


A conventional opening move.


A weak move.


A bad move that immediately worsens your position.


A very bad move that also loses material or the game.


A move that missed a tactical opportunity or a chance to punish the opponent.

Check out this article to learn more about Accuracy and Move classifications!

  • We've made it easier to find the player's performance rating by moving it closer to the top, right after the move classifications. In the old version, you had to scroll nearly to the bottom to find it:

Old version

New version

  • You can still hover over the icons next to Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame to view the performance rating for each stage of the game:

  • You can also choose to start a new game right away or begin with the Game Review.

Starting the Game Review

The new game review flow is similar to what you're used to:

  • To start the move-by-move review, click Start Review on the highlights screen.

  • Navigate through the moves using the arrows on your keyboard or the move arrows at the bottom of the game review:

  • Coach explanations are now fixed at the top of the Game Review screen, providing a cleaner experience:

Old version

New version

The best possible move would be displayed as you went through the moves within the review.

You can choose to see the best move by clicking on Best right below the coach's explanation:

  • To review the game as black or white, click the cogwheel at the upper right side of the chessboard, and select Interface, then choose Review. In the same settings, you can also turn off "Show Best Move" if you prefer not to see the best move immediately.

  • You can hit the magnifying glass to navigate to the Analysis page. You can also return to the Highlights page by clicking the back arrow next to Game Review at the top of the screen:

Or by clicking on Highlights at the bottom of the Game Review page:

  • Next to the Highlight button, you'll find the option to start a new game with the same time control as the one you're reviewing:


If you'd like to give us your feedback on the latest Game Review updates, click the button below, and hit Contact Support!

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