How do I play a friend? (Android)

To challenge one of your friends to a match, all you have to do is tap on where it says 'random' at the top of your home screen. Be sure you have chosen the time setting that you want. And if you want to change any other settings you can tap on 'options' to do so before challenging your friend. 

After tapping on 'random' you can choose which of your friends to challenge. Or if you know the username of someone you want to challenge, type it in the username field! 

You can also Invite a Friend from this screen!

Once you've picked your opponent, you will be taken back to your home screen, but instead of random, you will now see your friend's name: 

When you have all the settings as you like them, and are ready, tap 'Play' and your friend will receive the notification of your challenge! When they accept, the game will start! 

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