Can I save my games against the computer?

Yes! If you had a really great win, or an interesting position you want to look at again later, you can now save your computer games in your archive just like any other game! 

After you finish a game against the engine or one of the computer personalities, you will see the option to ' save game' at the bottom, below the Rematch and New Game buttons:

When you click the save button you will see a notice that the game was saved: 

Then you will see the game in your archive, and in your recent completed games, just like any other game! 

The computer icon to the left will show that it was a computer game and not rated. 

Keep track of all your favorite computer games, just like normal games! 

Running Game Review on the game will also save it to your archive!

And, if you change your mind and want to delete a computer game from the archive, you can do that too! Just open the game, then click on the trash icon below the rematch button: 

To see the steps for Android, click here. 

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