What is ChessTV?

Chess.com has partnered with many streamers and titled players to bring you a constant supply of live streaming chess! Hover over ‘watch’ on the left panel to see the options. 


Look under the ChessTV subheading to see what is live on chess.com. Click on it to watch and chat with the streamer, and with other members who are watching! 

ChessTV is all within the chess.com site, so you can chat with your chess.com account without having to sign in anywhere else.

Scroll down to see the schedule for upcoming shows on ChessTV! 


This shows a list of streamers who are streaming right now! Click on any of them to be taken in a new window to Twitch, where you can watch the stream. 

Unlike Chess.TV, you will need to have a Twitch account and follow the Twitch stream in order to chat. 

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