How do Lessons work?

The Interactive Lessons on are a great way to improve your chess rating and knowledge on! The number of lessons you can do per week depends on your membership level. Click here to find out how many lessons per week you can do, or to upgrade your membership!

To access the lessons, hover over ‘learn’ on the left sidebar, then click lessons

On the lessons home page, you will see that the lessons are broken into four categories. Each category has several sections. Clicking on the sections will take you to a series of videos, each with some puzzles to solve afterwards. 

Learn to Play Chess 

These lessons involve how to move the pieces and the rules of the game, including the lesser known rules like castling and en passant. If you are completely new to chess, this is the best place to start! 

From Beginner to Winner

These videos and challenges cover the beginnings of strategy, how to find checkmate, and basic openings. 

Think Like a Chess Player

These lessons start to get into more challenging aspects of chess, such as endgames and full board strategies, and making your pieces work together. 

Advanced Chess Concepts

These lessons go even further in depth on the endgame, opening and various tactics. 


These lessons are for the most advanced players really looking to get to the top of their game! These are deep concepts and best for players at a high level! 

Click on one of the lessons to see the series of video’s inside. 

Click on the section of your choosing (you do not have to complete them in order!) and you will be shown a short video, followed by 5 problems. 

As you complete lessons, you will see your progress increasing! Look on the right side while in lessons, and see how far you’ve come! 

Click here to get started on some lessons right now! 

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