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How do I get better at chess?
How do I get better at chess?
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Powerful Chess-Improvement Tools has the most powerful set of chess-improvement tools on the web! No matter what your current level or learning style is, there's something for everyone. Lessons

The Lessons include dozens of courses for all levels; it's the next best thing to having a grandmaster quiz you, patiently commenting on your every move (right AND wrong)! You can check it out at


The Puzzles serve up over 500,000 tricky chess positions, sharpening your ability to find the best move! Check it out at


The Practice section lets you set up critical positions and then pits you against a computer to see if you can hold on, practice endgames, or learn from master games! A fantastic way to hone vital techniques. Check it out at


The Video library lets you sit back and absorb the insights of top players on a massive range of chess topics. Check it out at


The Articles give you a regular dose of surprisingly interactive chess wisdom from our Master and Grandmaster contributors. Check it out at

The Daily Puzzle

The Daily Puzzle will start your morning off right - with a test of your tactical vision! Watch out, they get harder as the week goes on! Includes video explanations! Check it out at

Real-life Chess Coaches

Real-life chess coaches can be found in the directory! Check it out at

Play Against the Computer

Test new concepts and new openings against a variety of computer personalities with a wide range of skills! Try one of the adaptive personalities, and see how their strength will adjust depending on how far ahead or behind you are. A great way to learn! Check it out at

Play Against a Human Opponent

Playing real people at your own level is arguably the best way to improve! You'll never truly gain skills without using them! Check it out at

Please note that the tools above include a mix of free and premium features. To find a package to suit your goals, check out the Membership Page.

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