How do I report a bug or make a suggestion?

If you notice some issue with the site, or a feature is not working, or even if you notice a typo, please let us know with a bug report or a suggestion! 

For bug reports or suggestions, please do NOT email support, the best and quickest way is to use the Report a Bug or Make a Suggestion tools! These tools will ensure the correct team sees your bug or suggestion, in the fastest time possible! 

If you are reporting a mobile bug: You can follow the below instructions to submit your report via the web form. Describe your mobile issue in the text box. Be sure to include your OS and app version number! 

To report a bug or make a suggestion, hover over the 'help' icon in the lower left of any page on

When you click on ‘report a bug’ or ‘make a suggestion’ You'll see a new text box appear on your screen:

That's where you can type your bug or suggest in, and click send, it's that simple!

NOTE: You can also report mobile bugs using this report! Please be sure to add your OS and your app version number in the text box, and describe the bug clearly. 

If you want to be more detailed, you’ll have also some options on the screen which you can use to highlight areas or leave additional notes: 

Click and drag the mouse to highlight areas on the screen. The default is to draw a rectangle, but you can choose your tool of choice from the menu on the left. 

Draw rectangles, leave a text comment, do free form drawing, or draw arrows. You can also use the eye icon to black out or hide certain parts of the screen. 

If the bug or suggestion requires you to take multiple steps, you can also use the screen record function!

This will open the screen recording tool:

Click on the red REC button to start recording. Your browser will open a window where you can select the screen to record, and then click 'share':

Once you've allowed, the recording will start. Do the actions on screen that you want to record. When you are ready, click the stop button to stop the recording. 

Your recording will automatically be attached:

Add your email address in case the dev team needs to contact you for more info. Most bug and suggestion reports are not responded to. However, if more info is needed, the team may reach out to you. 

Once you have everything on the screen notated to your satisfaction, or have recorded your video, write a description of the issue in the ‘your suggestion or bug report’ text box, and then click ‘send.’ 

This will send the page, along with all your notes and highlights, directly to the developers for review! 

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, please let us know!

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