How do I report a bug or make a suggestion?

If you notice some issue with the site, or a feature is not working, or even if you notice a typo, please let us know with a bug report or a suggestion! 

For bug reports or suggestions, please do NOT email support, the best and quickest way is to use the Report a Bug or Make a Suggestion tools! These tools will ensure the correct team sees your bug or suggestion, in the fastest time possible! 

To report a bug or make a suggestion, hover over the 'help' icon in the lower left of any page on

When you click on ‘report a bug’ or ‘make a suggestion’ you’ll have some new options appear on the screen: 

Click and drag the mouse to highlight the area where the bug or suggestion is. Type in the text box next to the highlighted area and write a description of the problem. If you highlight the wrong area, or want to redo, just click on the trash icon to delete the highlighted area:

You can also click on the pen or arrow icons to draw or make arrows on the screen. 

The ‘blackout’ button will allow you to black out any area of the screen that you need to for any privacy reasons. 

The red circle icon will let you change the color of the text box. This button only works while the text button is selected. 

Once you have everything on the screen notated to your satisfaction, write a description of the issue in the ‘your suggestion or bug report’ text box, and then click ‘send.’ 

This will send the page, along with all your notes and highlights, directly to the developers for review! 

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