How do I request an inactive username? has millions of accounts, and tens of thousands are being created every day. This means that the username you want is probably already taken. But what if the account with the username you want isn't even being used? 

Now, Premium members can request inactive usernames!  

If the username you want belongs to an account that has been inactive for three years or more, you can now request support to give you that username. 

Check how long an account has been inactive by looking at their profile. There you will see the last sign-in date

If that date is more than 3 years ago, you can request the username be given to you. 

Requests are given on a first come first served basis. 

NOTE: your account that receives the username must be a paid premium account (not on a free trial)

In addition, you must have had premium for at least a month OR you must have played 10 games on your account. 

You may request ONE inactive username per account. Make sure it's the one you want! (If your request is denied, you may request another name.) 

To request an inactive username, please complete the below form: 

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