The game ended and my rating didn't change at all. Why?

There are a few reasons why your rating may not change at the end of a game:

If you are playing an unrated game, your rating won't be affected. Check the 'Details' tab next to the game board to see if it was a rated or unrated game.

During a rated game, you can also use this tab to see a preview of the ratings changes. Just click where it says 'show rating adjustment.' 

If a game is Aborted it will have no effect on ratings. Aborted games also will not show up in game history or archives, it will be as if the game never started!  You can read more about aborting games here. 

Daily games - No rating change until four moves have been made! In Daily chess, the game is not considered to have 'started' until 4 moves, so if a game ends before the 4th move either by timeout or resignation, there will be no rating change. Checkmates in less than 4 moves will cause rating change!

Please note, if you resign from a tournament in progress, even with no moves, it will affect your rating.

If the information in this article is out of date or incorrect, or if you have questions about it, please let us know! 

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