How does vacation work? How much time do I get?

Sometimes, life demands that you put your favorite things on hold for a while. understands this, and gives all members the ability to pause their Online Chess games using an allotment of Vacation time.

To go on vacation, go to your Daily chess settings. Or click here:

For Android, tap 'more' then choose 'settings' and 'daily chess' 

You'll see an option to pause your games for vacation.

To put yourself ON vacation, click on the switch next to "PAUSE MY GAMES! I need to go on vacation". To end your vacation, simply make a move. Making a move in any of your Daily games will end your vacation for all of them. All games are paused, or no games are paused. You can not go on vacation in individual games. 

When you go on vacation, you may wish to let your opponents know using the in game chat feature.

The text in red shows how much vacation time you have remaining.  Please note that each time you go on vacation a minimum of 24 hours of your remaining vacation budget is consumed.

It is very important you remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of that page before closing or leaving this page!

How much time do you get?

All new accounts start out with 7 days of vacation time.

All members then accrue additional vacation days per month: on the 1st, & on the 15th.

Basic members earn a total of 2 days per month, Gold members earn 3 days, Diamond & Platinum members earn 5 days per month

Vacation time is capped at a certain maximum so that you can't keep accumulating vacation time forever.  Your maximum allowable vacation time depends on your membership level:

(Note also that all premium members enjoy "auto-timeout protection," meaning that their vacation (assuming they have any left) will be automatically enabled if they are at risk of losing any of their games on time.)


The One-Day Minimum

It's important not to expend vacation time frivolously or abusively (vacation abuse). To discourage these behaviors, we have implemented a one-day minimum on vacation length:

  • All vacation times will  consume a minimum of 24 hours. 
  • Example 1: If you are only on vacation for 5 minutes,  24 hours will be deducted from your remaining vacation time.
  • Example 2: If you are on vacation for 23 hours, 24 hours will be deducted.
  • Example 3: If you are on vacation for 25 hours, then it is 25 hours (not 48) that will be consumed.
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