Does offer benefits for elite or titled players? has a lot to offer if you're a titled player! 

First of all, if you hold a qualifying title (see list below), you get a lifetime Diamond membership for free. That gives you access to the best features available online for playing, sharpening your game, or finding students & doing online coaching!

You also get a title abbreviation next to your username, and any content you contribute (in forums, articles, etc.) gets special emphasis.

Please read this article for details on all the benefits!

When you're ready, you can submit proof of your title, and we'll get you set up quickly!

Qualifying Titles

GM - Grandmaster

WGM - Woman Grandmaster

IM - International Master

WIM - Woman International Master

FM - FIDE Master

WFM - Woman FIDE Master

CM - FIDE Candidate Master

WCM - Woman FIDE Candidate Master

NM - National Master

WNM - Woman National Master

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