I want to play my friend, but it says my rating is too low! What can I do?

If you are trying to play a game with a friend, and getting a message like the above, that means your friend needs to change their settings! Here's how: 

From any page on Chess.com, click the settings gear in the bottom left of the screen. 

From your settings page, click on Daily Chess or Live Chess depending on what kind of chess you are trying to play. 

The next window will contain options to adjust the minimum and maximum rating you want to play against:

This will need to be set so that your rating is included in the limit. 

For example, if your friend has a rating of 1400 and you have a rating of 1000, the 'min' rating would need to be at least -400 for you to be able to play together. 

If you are in the Daily Chess options, you will have the ability to enable this option: 

If that switch is turned on, then as long as you are friends with someone, the ratings won't matter! 

As always, be sure to remember to click SAVE when updating your settings!

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, please let us know!

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