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How do I change my language on
How do I change my language on
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You can change the language on by going to your account settings. Click on the settings gear in the bottom left of any page on

In the next page, look for the Language dropdown in your profile settings:

Click on the box to open the dropdown menu and choose your language! Don't forget to scroll down and click Save at the bottom!

You can also adjust the Content Language.

This will filter content for whatever languages you select. This setting applies to everything other than the site interface, such as news, articles, videos, lessons, drills, etc. This option does not translate content, but filters for content in those languages that you select.

If you leave it on 'My Language Only' then you will only see content in the language you selected for the 'Language' option described above. You can change the Content Language setting to decide what languages you want see content in.

Click on 'Choose Languages' to choose the languages you want to see.

You can CNTRL + Click to select multiple languages (on mac this is done with CMND+click) When you are done selecting, be sure to scroll down and click Save

If you set the Content language to French, for example, you will only see news, articles, lessons and etc that are available in French.

This applies for all languages that you select. So if you select English, French and German, you will only see content that is available in at least one of those languages.


You can change the language on your Android app to any language you have installed on your phone. To change the language, tap 'More' on the bottom menu, then scroll to the bottom and tap 'Settings'

In the next menu, tap 'General'

Then you can tap 'Select Language' to be taken to your phone's menu to change the language.

The app language will always match your phone's language unless you turn on the 'Force English' option. When Force English is enabled, the app will be in English regardless of your phone's language.


The iOS app defaults to the language used on your iPhone. If you'd like to use the app in a different language than your phone uses, you can do so as long as your device is able to run iOS 13 or higher! Here are the steps…

1. Ensure that your phone is running the latest iOS version. To do this, visit Settings > General > Software Update. You will need iOS 13+ to change the language of each app individually.

2. Install multiple language capability on your iPhone via Settings > General > Language & Region. Select the language you'd like to use for the app; you can then determine the primary language on your iPhone.

3. Visit Settings again, and scroll down to Chess. Here, you will see the option to choose your "Preferred Language" for the app.

Set the language to whatever you want, and you'll have Chess in that language!

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