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How do I change my board size?
How do I change my board size?
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Do you want to customize your board on You can change your board settings quickly and easily with the universal board settings tool! Here’s how.

At the bottom right of each board, you'll see an icon that looks like this:

This icon is only visible when you move your mouse over it. See in the image below where it is:

That's the Resize Board icon. You can click on it and drag left or right to make the board smaller or larger.

Two other icons will appear at the top right of the board when you hover your mouse there, near the settings icon. One will flip the board, the other will put you into Focus Mode. The settings gear will open your Board Settings, as shown in the image below:

Upon clicking on the Settings gear icon, a popup will open with a number of different board settings, as shown below:

You can adjust any of these settings and the board will automatically update with your choices. You can experiment with different board settings to create the perfect board for your chess game.

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