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What does each level of Premium membership get me?
What does each level of Premium membership get me?
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If you are thinking about becoming a member on, you are probably curious about what each membership level offers. Here is a breakdown of each membership type, and all the features available to them!

Note: The below plans are as of September 1st 2022. If you signed up for your plan before that date, you will be on the classic plans. Click here to see more details on your classic plan.

BASIC (free) account

This is the account that all members have upon signup. A free account comes with access to all of the following:

Sound interesting? Sign up here!

GOLD accounts

A necessity for those looking to improve their chess! Gold accounts get everything a basic account gets, PLUS:

Ready to get Gold? Become a member here!

PLATINUM accounts

The next level of membership, Platinum accounts get everything Basic and Gold accounts get PLUS:

  • UNLIMITED game review and analysis

  • Manage up to 100 Daily tournaments at once!

  • Earn 5 vacation days per month and store up to 90 vacation days!

  • Additional Custom flair icons!

Want Platinum? Become a member here!

DIAMOND accounts

Diamond is the top tier membership, unlock the full potential of! Diamond accounts get everything Basic, Gold and Platinum accounts get PLUS:

  • Unlimited Game Review PLUS get coach explanations on all of your moves!

  • Access the Insights feature to see stats and data on all your games!

  • Customize the analysis settings to get the most out of analysis!

  • Even more Custom flair icons!

Ready for the Diamond experience? Become a member here!

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