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Can I save my games against the computer?
Can I save my games against the computer?
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Do you have a computer game you want to remember for later? On you can save computer games just like any other game!

To get started, first you need to finish a game against the engine or one of the computer personalities. Once that's complete, look for the 'Save Game' option at the bottom of the page, below the Rematch and New Game buttons:

Once you click the save button, you'll get a noticing saying the game was saved:

Once the game saves, it will be added to your archive and recent completed games, just like any other game!

You'll be able to tell if it was a computer game because the computer icon will show to the left.

Running Game Review to Save a Game

If you'd like to review the computer game after playing, running a game review will save the game to your archive! It's the same as if you manually saved it.

Deleting from the Archive

If you change your mind and want to remove a computer game from your archive, you can do that too! To access and delete computer games, open the game, and click the trash icon just beneath the rematch button:

More Information

For more detailed steps on how to save and delete computer games on Android, please visit our help center article here.

Now, you can save all your interesting and favorite computer games just like any other game, and even review and delete them from your archive!

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