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How do I send a friend request?
How do I send a friend request?
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To add a friend, simply click your friend's name anywhere you see it. This could be in your game archive, in live chess chat, or by searching for their username in 'members'. In the menu that pops up, choose "Add Friend."

You can also send an invite from the member's profile:

Or, you can hover over 'Connect' on the left menu, click on 'Friends' and then click on 'Find Friends'

Then type your friend's username into the search bar, and click 'Add Friend!'

All of these options will have the same result, of sending a friend request to the chosen account.

The person you sent the friend request to has three options once they see the request: Accept, Decline or Ignore:

Note: there is a limit of 20 pending friend requests. So if you have sent too many invites that people are ignoring, you won't be able to send more friend requests. See this article for how to cancel a pending friend request.

Remove a friend

If you want to remove someone from your friend list while in live chess, click on their username in the chatroom or the friend tab, & click where it says 'Remove Friend'

Members will not be notified that they have been removed as a friend.

You can also do this from your friends list by hovering over 'connect' in the left menu and clicking 'friends' or by going to


If you have recently played a game with the person you want to add, or are in a game with them now, tap on their profile and choose “add friend”.

Add friend button

If you have never played with them before, but you know their username or email, you can add them through your friend’s list. Tap on “more” on the bottom toolbar, then “friends”.

Find Friends button

This will take you to your friends list. Tap on “find friends”, then type your friend’s username into the search bar.

Plus icon to add friend

Tap on the + icon next to their name to send them a friend request.

Sent friend request

Once you have sent the request your friend will need to approve it. Then, you will be able to play together on the app!

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