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How do I open a chat window with my friend?
How do I open a chat window with my friend?
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Even if you aren't playing a game with them, you can still live chat with your friends! To open a chat window, hover over 'connect' in the left menu, and then click on the 'chat' tab:

There you will see a list of your active chats! Click on a friend to open a chat window with them and continue your chat! If you haven't chatted in a while, the chat will move to inactive chats, you can click there to see all your old chats.

If your haven't yet chatted with your friend, click instead on the 'friends' tab, and hover over your friend's name. Click on the chat bubble icon that appears, and you'll open a window to chat with them:

Then, just type your message! The chat window will stay open on your screen no matter where you go on, even if you're in a game! Click the _ to minimize the window, or the 'X' to close it, but your messages will all still be there when you open it again.

To spice up your chat, click on the smiley icon in the lower right to see all the different emoji's you can add. Scroll down, there are a lot! To close the emoji window, press the Escape key.

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