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What are 'top guessers'? How do I guess a move?
What are 'top guessers'? How do I guess a move?
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If you are watching one of the top GM games being played on, you can try your hand at guessing what moves the masters will play!

To guess, simply make a move on the board. If the next move matches your move, you'll be notified in the chat that you guessed right:

The 'Top Guessers' list is updated as the game goes on and is always moved toward the bottom of the chat so it can be visible. You'll see the top guessers, plus yourself and your own rank on the list:

In the above picture, it says 'Out of 40' because 40 total people have made at least one guess. Click 'Show More' to see the whole list of people.

Watch a game, make some moves, and see how good you are at knowing what the pros will do!

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