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How can I make an animated GIF of my game?
How can I make an animated GIF of my game?
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If you just played a great game and want a fun way to share it, try the GIF maker!

This feature allows you to turn your PGN or game URL into an animated image like the one below:

To do this, go to and you'll see the below menus:

Paste your PGN or the URL of the game into the text box.

Use the dropdown to select from several board colors and piece styles to find one that you like.

White will always be on bottom by default, if you want black on the bottom, toggle the flip board option.

When you're ready, click Create GIF!

You'll see a message telling you to wait up to 1 minute. Your GIF is being created!

When it's ready, you'll see another message:

Click on the link to see your GIF!

From there, you can right click on the image to copy or save it, or you can copy the URL and share it that way.

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