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How do I see my tournament stats and past tournaments?
How do I see my tournament stats and past tournaments?
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To see your tournament stats, first go to, or hover over 'Play' in the left menu, then click 'Tournaments'

This will take you to your tournaments page!

Here you can see a few upcoming Live tournaments, and some upcoming Daily tournaments. This is a very small selection visible here. To learn more about how to find and join a Live tournament, please see here. For more info about finding and joining Daily tournaments, see here.

This page will also show a list of the Daily tournaments you are hosting (if any)

The Daily tournaments you are currently a part of,

-Note: click the 'show eliminated' box to show tournaments that are still ongoing, but that you have been eliminated from.

Below that are the Daily tournaments you have joined but have not yet started,

And your completed Daily tournaments.

For any of these sections you may click on the title of the section (for example click on 'joined' or 'completed') to see the full list of all the tournaments in that section.

Live tournament stats

On the right side of the screen you can see your Live tournament stats, and Live tournament trophies:

Click on 'Tournament Games' to see a full list of all the tournament games you have played. Click on 'Trophies' to see all your trophies!

The exact same stats for your Daily tournament games will be displayed below your Live stats, also on the right side of the page, just keep scrolling down.

To view your completed Live tournaments

Look for the 'Tournaments' menu in the upper right of the page, and click 'completed live tournaments'

This will take you to a list of all completed tournaments. Select Arena or Swiss, then choose 'my tournaments' from the dropdown to see only your completed tournaments:

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