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How do I cancel a tournament I created?
How do I cancel a tournament I created?
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Things changed and you can't run the tournament you created, or maybe you made an error and need to start over. How can you cancel the tournament? See below!

Daily Tournaments

You can easily cancel the tournament by going to the tournament page and looking at the TD Tools menu on the lower right side of the screen:

Click 'Cancel Tournament' on the bottom of the list, and the tournament is canceled!

If the tournament has already started, you will NOT be able to cancel it! Players may withdraw after their games are completed without losing rating points, if they do so before the next round starts.

Live tournaments

To cancel a Live tournament, first go to Live chess, and click on the 'Tournaments' tab:

You will see your tournament at the top of the list. Click on it to open it:

Then click on the 'cancel' icon to cancel the tournament.

As with Daily tournaments, a Live tournament can not be canceled once it has started!

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