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How do I practice Endgames?
How do I practice Endgames?
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Endgames is a trainer for endgame positions, that will improve your chess game by teaching you important endgame positions through practice, with timed challenges, and even its own leaderboard!

To try out Endgames, hover over 'Learn' in the left menu, then choose 'Endgames'

This will bring you to the main Endgames menu, where you can choose to practice checkmates, pawn endgames, minor piece endgames, rook endgames and more.

Each section has several subsections. Each subsection has 5 positions to learn. For example, if you choose Checkmates, then Two Rooks Mate:

Select the Practice tab to play through and learn each of the five positions.

Basic members can access the first position in each section. Gold and above unlocks all Endgame puzzles!

Select the Challenge tab to then play through all five positions in a row on a timer. Try to get the fastest time possible without making a mistake! You will also see the leaderboard for the fastest time that day, shown on the challenge tab:

In the Learn tab you will find Lessons relevant to the section you are in, for example in the Two Rooks Mate section, you can find the Lesson on the Two Rooks Checkmate:

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