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What good is doing puzzles? What's the point?
What good is doing puzzles? What's the point?
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"Chess is 99% tactics." - Richard Teichmann

Chess puzzles are the best way to train your tactics!

Tactics are a fundamental part of chess. No matter how well you know your openings or plan your strategies, if you can't recognize tactics you are going to make mistakes in your games. Tactics have been called "the watchdogs of strategy" because they are the glue that hold positions together.

Getting good at tactics is a matter of practice. Most tactics are combinations of a few key types (double-attacks, pins, overworked defenders, etc) and if you can learn to recognize those patterns you will find tactics more easily in your games.

Puzzles will help you go through tactical position after tactical position, reinforcing pattern-recognition so that they will "jump out" when they appear in your own games!

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