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What are the site's policies?
What are the site's policies?
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For all rules, policies, and agreements on please read this page:

Put simply: be nice, no cheating!

  • is a friendly community for those who love chess! Please be on your best behavior as you play chess and interact with others. Failure to follow these rules will result in your account being closed.

Interacting with Members

  • is a safe place for people to come and enjoy. There should be no abusive language, personal attacks, threats, or any other unkind behavior.

Keep It Clean

  • You may not post any offensive content on including your username, avatar, or personal description. You may not add any offensive comments, chat, or other content. The following behavior is prohibited and can result in your being kicked or banned: cheating, using offensive/vulgar language, using toilet humor, making personal attacks, spamming or advertising competitive websites, religious or political debate, intentionally pointless/distracting posts, and discussion of illegal activities (drugs, etc).

No Cheating or Computer Help

  • You can NEVER use chess programs (Chessmaster, Fritz, etc) to analyze current ongoing games unless specifically permitted (such as a computer tournament, etc). The only type of computer assistance allowed is games databases for opening lines in Turn-based Chess and Vote Chess. You cannot receive ANY outside assistance on Live Chess games.

Second accounts must be approved by support

  • Members may only have a second account with support approval. Members who create more than one account without approval may have all accounts closed.

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