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Can I have multiple accounts?
Can I have multiple accounts?
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If your account has been closed due to a Fair Play violation and you want to apply for a new account, please instead use the New Account Application Form. allows each member to have two accounts, with approval from support. Without support approval noted on the account, this is still considered cheating.

How to apply for a second account

  • Click on the icon at the bottom left corner of any page to bring out the messenger widget.

  • Type I want a second account in the text box

  • Click on Form to request approval from the option provided and go through the flow of requesting a second account:

If you are a Titled player please use the Titled Verification Form to request your alternate account.

Rules for two accounts

You may NOT

  • Create a second account with a much lower rating than your main account

  • Play the accounts against each other, even in unrated games

  • Play or spectate in the same vote chess game with both accounts

  • Play or spectate in the same 4-player chess, or other variant game with both accounts

  • Play in the same tournament with both accounts

  • Comment with both accounts in the same forum thread or discussion

  • Use the account as a speed run account:

    • While partnered streamers have special exceptions for entertainment purposes, creating such an account yourself is considered rating manipulation or sandbagging and will get both accounts closed.

      Streamers' speed run accounts are closely monitored, and all points lost are returned to opponents. These accounts are often clearly labeled:

Information to keep in mind

  • Memberships do not transfer to a second account. To access membership benefits on both accounts, you must purchase a separate membership for each account.

  • Rule violations on one account will affect both accounts. If you are abusive and get muted on one account, both accounts will be muted. If one account is closed for cheating, the other will also be closed.

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