What does my stats page show?

The stats page on your profile shows the stats for each chess category, as well as all the variants! 

First, hover over ‘home’ in the upper left of your screen, then click on ‘stats’

This will take you to your stats screen. There is a lot of information being shown here, so let’s go through it all! 

The dropdown menu at the very top allows you to select the kind of chess stats you want to see. In the above example, it is showing Rapid stats, but you can choose whichever you want to look at by clicking on the stat name like below:

The Rating Graph: The first thing we see is a graph of our progress. This shows you the change in rating by day over the past 30 days. You can change it to show 90 days, 1 year, or all time by clicking on the dropdown!

Above the graph you can see your ranking among your friends, and globally. 

Highest rating: Here you can see the highest rating you have yet attained, and the date you reached it, as well as the highest rated opponent you’ve ever defeated, and the average rating of opponents you’ve defeated

Average opponent rating: this section further breaks down your average opponent into separate categories for when you win, lose or draw.

You can also see your longest win streak listed here, as well as your Glicko Rating Deviation. If you have played one opponent more than any others, they will be listed as your Top Opponent. If you are looking at your Daily stats, your Timeouts percentage will be shown here also.

Win/loss breakdown: This graph shows details of all your wins, losses, and draws, and whether you were black or white.

If you type a name in the search box at the top you can view your stats against that member. If you click on the number of games at the top (717 in this image) you will be taken to your Game Archive where you can look through all those games. 

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