How do I fix slowness in live chess?

Try and disable "Hardware Acceleration" to see if it is causing slowness in your browser. 

The Chrome and Firefox browsers have an option for "Hardware Acceleration" in their advanced settings. This option is enabled by default, even though, at this point, it has been found to be a cause of significant performance issues - even when just starting the browser itself. (See, for instance, this article.)

Hardware acceleration may cause performance issues in Live Chess, and we recommend that you disable the setting in your preferred browser(s). Here's how...


- Open Preferences, or enter this URL: chrome://settings/
- Scroll to the bottom and click the link to "Show advanced settings..."
- Scroll down again, almost to the bottom, where you will find the setting for hardware acceleration

- Uncheck that box & restart Chrome. That's it!


- Open Firefox > Preferences (Mac) or Tools > Options (PC)
- Select "Advanced" at far right
- Uncheck the box for hardware acceleration & restart the browser. That's it!

If you've been having issues, this one change may have a huge positive effect on your Live Chess experience!

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