How do I manage my inbox?

If you send or receive lots of messages on, you may want to know how to organize your inbox! Read on to see how to delete, archive and restore messages.

To access your messages, hover over the logo on the left menu, then select 'messages'

This will bring up your inbox, where you can see any new messages, as well as your old messages: 

Newest messages will be at the top. If you open a message, you can reply by typing into the text box and pressing 'send' 


Archive a conversation by clicking the 'archive' icon 

This will send the message and all messages within the conversation to your Archive folder, so you won't have to see it in your main inbox. If you want to archive ALL conversations in your inbox, click on the archive icon next to 'all messages' at the bottom of your message list. 

To view your archived messages, click on the 'archive' tab at the top of your messages list: 

To restore a message back into your inbox after you archived it, open the message in your archive, then click on the restore icon in the upper right:


To delete a conversation, click on the 'delete' icon

This will delete all messages within the conversation. If you want to delete ALL conversations in your entire inbox, click on the delete icon next to 'all messages' at the bottom of your message list.

To delete only one message in a conversation, click on the 'x' on the right side of that message: 

This will remove one message, and leave all others in the conversation. 

For further info about how to send messages, click here!

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