What are 'top bloggers' and how do I become one?

"Top Blogger" status can only be awarded by Chess.com staff. 

Bloggers who make regular, positive, high-quality contributions to the Chess.com community are given this stamp of approval, and get time on Chess.com's home page.

To be considered, blogs must regularly follow these three rules, matching the rest of Chess.com's premium featured news and articles content:

  • Start your blog with at least two short, introductory paragraphs.
  • Use a main image for the blog that is at least 1280x720 pixels. A quality thumbnail is a MUST to be considered for top blogger status.
  • Include content that is relevant (chess), helpful (teaching, educating, not advertising) and nice (not designed to be purely inflammatory to any race, religion, political party, gender or nationality).

If your blog meets the above requirements, and you want to find out more and fill out an application for Top Blogger status, please read here!

NOTE: A LOT of people apply for top blogger status, but not all blogs can be featured on the Chess.com front page! If you haven't been picked, it doesn't mean your blog is not good enough. Keep writing! 

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