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I want to upgrade, what will I be charged?
I want to upgrade, what will I be charged?
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So you just bought the Gold 1 year membership and tried it out for a month, then you suddenly realize that you've just got to have unlimited analysis! So you decide you want to upgrade to Platinum... but how much will it cost?

Do You Have to Pay the Full Price to Upgrade?

No, you don't! You will be discounted for the remaining value of your current membership when you upgrade. You will see the discount in the final screen before you purchase.

How Much Will I Be Discounted?

The discount you see depends on how much of the subscription you have used. For example, if you had a 1 year subscription and have already used it for 6 months (1/2 the year) then you would be discounted by 50% of the original price you paid.

Ready to Upgrade?

No need to worry about 'wasting' your subscription, you can upgrade right away!


If you purchased via Apple, you may need to contact Apple support first to make sure you are discounted for your upgrade. Also note that gift subscriptions can not be used as credit, and if your current subscription is a gift subscription you will not be discounted for your upgrade.

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