What does each level of membership get me?

If you are thinking about buying a membership on Chess.com, you are probably curious about what each membership level offers. Here is a breakdown of each membership type, and all the features available to them! 

BASIC (free) account

This is the account that all members have upon signup. A free account comes with access to all of the following:

GOLD accounts

The first tier of our premium accounts starts at $5 per month or $29 per year. Gold accounts get everything a basic account gets, PLUS:

  • NO ADS
  • Use Advanced editing tools on your profile page
  • Create your own club
  • Unlocks all Endgames positions
  • 25 puzzles per day
  • 5 Puzzle rush and Puzzle battle per day
  • Lessons: 'New to chess' and 'Beginner' sections unlimited, 3 lessons per week in all other sections
  • Unlimited game report and analysis
  • Access all 67 computer personalities
  • All Drills unlocked
  • Earn 3 vacation days per month and store up to 60 vacation days
  • Unlock full use of opening explorer, look any number of moves deep! Use opening explorer to explore your own games! 
  • Automatic time-out protection for Daily games
  • Custom flair icons

PLATINUM accounts

The next tier, for those serious about puzzles, for $7 a month or $49 per year, Platinum accounts get everything Basic and Gold accounts get PLUS:

  • Unlimited puzzles 
  • Unlimited Puzzle rush and Puzzle battle
  • Lessons: 'New to chess,' 'Beginner,' and 'Intermediate' sections unlimited, 5 lessons per week in all other sections
  • Earn 5 vacation days per month and store up to 90 vacation days
  • Additional Custom flair icons
  • Invite friends to your analysis board 

DIAMOND accounts

Diamond is the top tier membership, for true chess enthusiasts! For $14 per month or $99 per year, Diamond accounts get everything Basic, Gold and Platinum accounts get PLUS:

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