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What is spamming?
What is spamming?
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You may have heard complaints of spamming, or even been warned or blocked for spamming yourself. What is spamming, what does it mean?

Here are some things that we consider spamming, and against the rules on

Not allowed:

Large numbers of private messages - If you are using normally, you won't have to worry about this. Even if you have tons of friends who you message every day, you are not likely to be flagged.

Large number of forum posts or comments - again, normal usage for even very active users in the forums will not encounter trouble with this.

Comments or chat messages containing many random letters, spaces, images, etc - Some members will troll/disrupt a discussion by posting gibberish in chat or forum posts, to distract and make it difficult for others to read the conversation. Don't do this.

Repeated draw offers - some players try to disrupt the game by continuously offering a draw. This is considered spamming and can lead to restrictions.

Repeated club invitations and friend requests - Please only sent club invites using the club interface. If someone is declining your friend request, stop sending it!

Club advertisements and auto-join club links - Auto-join club links are NOT allowed, and please only advertise for your club where it is relevant to the conversation.

Repeated match or team match invitations - If someone does not want to join, please do not keep inviting them.

Please also see our community policies here!

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