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What are my Daily chess settings?
What are my Daily chess settings?
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Your daily chess settings can be found here:

Or, click on the 'settings' icon on the bottom left of any page on

Then choose Daily Chess from the menu on the left. See below for an explanation of each setting option.

-Choose what happens after you make a move in your daily games. You can have it go to the next game, go home, or stay on the same game.

-Choose the tab that will be open by default when you are playing a daily game: Moves, Chat, Info or Notes

-Choose whether you want to see Timestamps

-Enable or disable Confirm Moves. If this is ON you will see a checkbox option every time you play a move. You will need to click to confirm the move is correct before it is played on the board.

-Choose whether you want to automatically claim a win when the time runs out. If this setting is OFF then your opponents will not lose when their time runs out until you choose to claim the win.

-Set the maximum number of games you want your opponents to be playing. You will not be matched with anyone playing more games than the number you set here.

-Set your minimum and maximum days per move. You will not be automatically matched to games with time settings outside the bounds you set here.

-Game chat. Choose who can chat with you in game: Everyone, Friends only, or Nobody

-Allow your friends to challenge you no matter what. If this setting is ON, then anyone on your friends list can always send you a challenge, even if they would be blocked otherwise (if they have too many games for example.)

-Post-game analysis. Turn this OFF if you do not want to automatically see the quick analysis (does not count as a full analysis) that shows the number of blunders and mistakes after each game.

-Go on vacation: Enable to pause all your games. See how vacation works here.

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