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I'm late for the tournament! Can I still join?
I'm late for the tournament! Can I still join?
Updated over a week ago

If you lost track of time and the tournament started without you, not to worry! In most cases you can still jump in!

Live Swiss tournaments

For Live Swiss tournaments of any kind, you can join in any round before the final round. However, there is a maximum number of late joiners allowed, which is equal to 30% of the initial number of players when the tournament started. This means that if the tournament started with 10 people, for example, only 3 late joiners would be allowed to join.

Keep in mind that you will not receive any points for any of the previous rounds you missed, so the later you join, the more difficult it will be to win!

Arena tournaments

Arena tournaments may be joined, left, and rejoined at any time, any number of times! Being late to an Arena tournament has a bit less consequence, since win streaks allow you to get bonus points and catch up quickly, even if you miss a few games. And, you can still be the winner, even if you leave early! As long as no one surpasses your score!

Daily tournaments

Daily tournaments are the only kind of tournament you can not join after it has started! Daily tournaments usually give many days, if not weeks, notice before they start, and you do not have to wait until 1 hour before like Live tournaments, you can sign up whenever you want! This makes it much easier to avoid missing out on any of the Daily tournaments you want to join.

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