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What does my Stats page show?
What does my Stats page show?
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The stats page on your profile shows the stats for each chess category, as well as all the variants!

First, hover over the Logo in the upper left of your screen, then click on ‘stats’

This will take you to your stats screen. There is a lot of information being shown here, so let’s go through it all!

The dropdown menu at the very top allows you to select the kind of chess stats you want to see. In the above example, it is showing Daily stats, but you can choose whichever you want to look at by clicking on the stat name like below:

The Rating Graph: The first thing we see is a graph of our progress. This shows you the change in rating by day over the past 30 days. You can change it to show 90 days, 1 year, or all time by clicking on the dropdown!

Above the graph you can see your ranking among your friends, and globally.

Highest rating: Below the rating graph, you can see the highest rating you have yet attained, and the date you reached it. This will be updated each time you surpass your highest rating.

Games breakdown: This section shows details of all your wins, losses, and draws. You can toggle between white or black, to see your ratios for a specific color, or even search for a specific opponent to see the breakdown of games against them.

Average opponent rating: this section gives details on your average opponent, also in separate categories for when you win, lose or draw.

In the above image, the average opponent overall is rated 1258, but if looking at only wins the average opponent is 1219, and if only losses the average opponent is 1391. There is not enough data in this case to show an average for draws, so a '-' is shown.

You can also see your best overall win, and your longest win streak listed here:

Finally, if you are looking at your Daily stats, you can see your average move time:

This is how long, on average, it takes you to make a move in a Daily game. Conditional moves count! Since a conditional move takes 0 time to play, it can lower your average by a lot if you remember to use them whenever possible.

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