How can I create a Live (Blitz, Bullet, Rapid) Tournament?

As a club owner or admin, you can create your own Live tournaments in your club! 

There are two ways to get to the tournament creation menu. First, is to go to Play > Live chess, then click on the tournaments tab: 

You will then see the option to start a Club Tournament

Alternatively, you can also go to the home page of your club, and click New Live Tournament from the Manage Club menu on the right side: 

Both options will take you to create a new Live tournament for your club. 

Next, you must choose Swiss or Arena tournament. A Swiss tournament goes for a set number of rounds, and in a Swiss tournament (unlike Round Robin, which Daily tournaments use) no players are eliminated. Every player will play every round, and the player with the highest number of points at the end of the tournament is the winner. An Arena tournament is not based on rounds but instead has a time limit, and the player with the most points when the time is up wins. The options are very similar between these two choices: 

After choosing the tournament type, pick a name for your tournament, and pick which club the tournament is for. This dropdown will contain all the clubs you are able to create tournaments for. 

Next, choose the game type. You can choose between Standard, 960, 3 check, King of the Hill, or Crazyhouse. These options are the same for Arena tournaments. 

The time control can be any of the standard time controls, or a custom choice. 

Choose a start date and start time. The start time will be based on your own time zone.

Also please note that regardless of when you set the tournament start date, members will not be able to join until 1 hour before the tournament starts. 

The Rating, Rounds and Players options only appear if you are creating a Swiss tournament. Here you can determine the rating range of players who can join, the number of rounds in the tournament, and how many players can join. 

If you are creating an Arena tournament, instead you will see the Duration option: 

This will determine how long the Arena lasts. 

The final option, available in both Arena and Swiss tournaments is the Minimum Games option

This will allow you to limit the tournament to members who have played a certain amount of games. 

Once all the options are filled out, click Create and your tournament is ready for members of your club to join! 

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