How do I turn off sound?


From the home page, select ‘settings’ then ‘board and pieces’ and from there you can turn off the sound!


  1. Open the menu in the upper left, then at the very bottom select ‘settings’
  2. From the settings, select ‘game’                                                
  3. Within the game settings you will be able to turn off sound!


  1. Open the option menu and select ‘general’, then turn off the toggle for ‘sounds’



To disable notifications, exit the app and go into your phone’s settings. From there select ‘ apps & notifications’ and then select the app. 

From here, you can enable or disable notifications for the app. 


To turn off notifications or notification sounds, exit the app, and go into the iPhone's main Settings, then to Notifications, then select the app.

From here, you can enable or disable the move-notifications, notification sounds, and badges.  (By itself, the small red "badge" displays the number of games where it's your move.)

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