Can I order a membership for a friend?

To order a membership for a friend, start by clicking here --->  Buy a Gift!

This will take you to our gift page!

The first step is to pick which membership you want to give: 

You can read more about the different membership levels here. 

After you make your choice, scroll down to step 2, where you can choose who the gift is for: 

Type into the 'search members' bar to find the member you want to give the membership to. 

Type a message to them if you like, let them know why they deserve this kind gift! 

Why does the price look different? 

If the price doesn't look the same as what you paid for your membership, this probably means that you are outside the United States. 

Gift prices are based on the United States prices, no matter where in the world you are buying the gift from. 

Will this renew?

No! Gift purchases are one-time purchases only, and do not renew.

What if my friend already has a membership? 

When you purchase a gift membership, the current membership will pause and your gift membership will start right away. If your friend has a 1 year Gold membership, for example, and you buy them a 1 month Diamond gift, their Gold year will pause, and the 1 month of Diamond will start. Then after the 1 month of Diamond is over, their Gold year will resume. 

Why does it say my friend can't accept gifts? 

If your friend already has a subscription that they bought via the Apple or Google app stores, or with PayPal, we are unfortunately unable to pause or change those subscriptions. You will have to wait for your friend's current subscription to expire, then you will be able to give them the gift. 

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, please let us know!

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